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Schmidt Futures

Advancing society through technology, inspiring breakthroughs in scientific knowledge, and promoting shared prosperity.

About Schmidt Futures:

“If the past is any indicator of our future, today’s big bets won’t seem so wild in a few years’ time.” Eric Schmidt, Schmidt Futures

As a venture facility for public benefit, we drive discovery through investment in people, platforms, and partnerships. We aim to nurture the best ideas and most promising leaders, driving measurable results from new approaches to long-standing problems. We are committed to serving society in new ways with working methods that are modern, fast, lean and professional.

Featured Programs

Schmidt Science Fellows

In partnership with the Rhodes Trust, the Schmidt Science Fellows program is working to advance the next generation of leaders in the natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computing to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. The program includes a meeting series at locations around the world to discuss these challenging issues.

Alliance for the American Dream

The Alliance for the American Dream is a network of communities, each anchored by a state research university, that will develop policy ideas or startup concepts to increase shared prosperity locally and improve American competitiveness.

Israeli Women’s Postdoctoral Award

The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Postdoctoral Award for Women in Mathematical and Computing Sciences supports promising women who have recently received a doctorate and are pursuing research careers in mathematical & computational sciences or engineering in Israel.

  • Schmidt Science Fellows

  • Alliance for the American Dream

  • Israeli Women’s Postdoctoral Award

Our Focus

Scientific Knowledge

Shaping the future of scientific research worldwide through the infusion of new technologies and empowering the next generation of leaders.


Technology & Society

Harnessing the power of science and technology to solve some of our toughest societal challenges.


Shared Prosperity

Strengthening and expanding the American middle class in order to increase competitiveness and improve quality of life.