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About the Forum [Deprecated]

About the Forum

We aim to build an exceptional cohort of rising leaders aged 35 or younger with diverse backgrounds that span every field and school of thought — from tech boardrooms to academic halls, policymaking councils, and beyond. We then bring this cohort together several times throughout the following year to debate and strategize alongside some of the brightest minds in foreign policy and technology. Fellows not only connect with future pioneers, but also receive close mentorship from experienced thought leaders. 

Each year, candidates are proposed by a rotating group of nominators — established practitioners in the realms of technology, media, policymaking, and academia. Nominated candidates are invited to apply for the Forum, and 25-30 successful applicants are then formally offered a position in the following year’s cohort.

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a nominator for the International Strategy Forum, please reach out to