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International Strategy Forum

Our Mission

To ensure that progress and security are strengthened amid technological innovation and a changing world order.

As geopolitics and technology grow more intertwined, global challenges demand a more cooperative generation of leaders — one that not only includes strategists and policy practitioners, but also technologists. However, current policy circles struggle to satisfy this need as the geopolitics and technology fields become increasingly siloed at the expense of collaboration, leaving pressing questions unanswered.

The International Strategy Forum aims to forge a network of rising leaders who can work across institutional and national lines. We bet early on exceptional young strategists and technologists with extraordinary potential in geopolitics, innovation, and public leadership.

Our mission is to help bridge the gap between policymakers and experts to preserve progress and security amid technological innovation and a changing world order. Through the Forum, we are committed to fostering talent and making lifelong connections between mentors and rising thinkers of the next decade and beyond.