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ISF Fellows

Each year, the International Strategy Forum brings together an exceptional cohort of rising leaders with diverse backgrounds across disciplines and nations. 

Fellows meet throughout the year to debate and strategize alongside some of the brightest minds in geopolitics and technology. They receive close mentorship from experienced leaders. They also gain access to funding opportunities to tackle problems across the public and private sectors. 

The fellowship culminates in a flagship convening where fellows learn from one another’s experiences, build life-long connections, and develop proposals for future action.

Global Programs

ISF-North America

Schmidt Futures launched ISF-North America in 2020. 

The cohort is exploring questions, including: How will breakthroughs in artificial intelligence reshape the global balance of power? What form should a post-COVID world order take? How should U.S. policymakers balance cooperation and competition with China? How can U.S. national security strategy prepare for systemic threats like pandemics and climate change?

The second cohort was announced in April 2021 and will convene at an annual summit in August 2021. 


Schmidt Futures plans to launch ISF-Asia in 2021. 

We aim to foster strong relationships among talented strategists across the region and generate ideas amid a rising Asia-Pacific.


Schmidt Futures plans to launch ISF-Europe in 2022. 

We will work to create a network of young European leaders ready to address some of the most pressing challenges facing the region.

Selection Process

Each year, candidates are proposed by a rotating group of nominators—established practitioners in the realms of technology, media, policymaking, business, and academia, among others. Nominated candidates are invited to apply for the Forum, and 25-30 successful applicants are then formally offered a position in the following year’s cohort.