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Alliance for the American Dream

Providing access to capital and access to market for new ideas to advance shared prosperity in communities across America

While talent is equally distributed throughout America, opportunity is not. Tech innovation on the coasts may be booming, but outstanding ideas elsewhere often go unheard and undeveloped. Skilled workers in major cities are thriving, but non-college educated workers elsewhere are being left behind. We wish to increase America’s capacity to adjust to these tectonic shifts – in labor markets, in policy development, and in investment pathways. Prosperity, and competitiveness, will depend on our ability to both stabilize and expand the middle class.

The Alliance for the American Dream is a network of communities, each anchored by a public research university, that will provide access to capital and access to market for new ideas to support distressed communities locally. In its inaugural effort, the Alliance challenged citizens in four communities to develop policy ideas or startup concepts that increase net income for 10,000 local, middle-class households by 10% by 2020, either by raising income or decreasing cost of living (e.g., in transportation, housing, utilities, food). Proposals that are interdisciplinary, grounded in AI/data science, and drawn from diverse sets of people received special consideration for future investment.

In June 2019, Schmidt Futures announced the winners of the inaugural Alliance for the American Dream competition.

Learn more about the winners below:

Arizona State University

The Ohio State University

University of Utah

University of Wisconsin