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How to Apply

The application deadline for the APM program has now passed.

Thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


  • Engineering degree (or equivalent level of training and expertise) in Computer Science at the BS, MS, or Ph.D. level, or expected graduation no later than spring 2019
  • Coding experience in C++, Java, Python, or similar. Experience (coursework or projects) in data structures and algorithms.
  • Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, and interest or hands-on experience in applying AI technology to solve “real-world” problems in non-Computer Science fields.  
  • Demonstrated abilities in driving successful outcomes in highly ambiguous situations.
  • Emotional intelligence with the ability to listen, build relationships, and draw out expertise and support from colleagues, advisors and partners.
  • Curiosity, with a love of learning and a drive to dig deeper on tough problems to get to a better answer.
  • Demonstrated commitment to principles and values that advance society.