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Supporting promising women pursuing research careers in mathematical & computational sciences or engineering in Israel

The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Postdoctoral Award for Women in Mathematical and Computing Sciences (“Israel Women’s Postdoctoral Award”) supports promising women in Israel who wish to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship in the mathematical and computational sciences or engineering at a major institution outside of Israel. Each award recipient will receive a grant of US $50,000 upon beginning a postdoctoral or early career research fellowship in her discipline at a major institution located outside of Israel. The fellowship is expected to start within a year of the award announcement, with a possibility of being awarded another grant of the same amount for a second year based on research progress and Program guidelines. This award is intended as an income supplement (and not a replacement of the hosting institution stipend/salary) that should enable recipients to pursue and focus on their research while maintaining other obligations.

The ultimate goal of the Israeli Women’s Postdoctoral Award is to increase the number of women faculty members in the fields of mathematical and computational sciences and engineering positioned at Israeli research universities. To achieve this goal, the Program provides important opportunities for Israeli women to gain research experience abroad. Gaining such experience will provide exposure to broader trends in a researcher’s field, increase visibility and participation in professional networks, and establish a position in the global field, which will be key to helping the recipient secure a tenure track position in academia upon her return to Israel.

Approximately 10 women per year will be competitively selected for this award. An international committee of distinguished researchers assists in evaluating the applications and identifying the award recipients.

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