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Climate Modeling

Climate Modeling Alliance (CliMA)

The Climate Modeling Alliance is a coalition of scientists, engineers, and applied mathematicians from Caltech, MIT, the Naval Postgraduate School, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  The team is developing the first Earth system model that automatically learns from diverse data sources to produce accurate climate predictions with quantified uncertainties.  The model exploits advances in data assimilation and machine learning to learn from satellite-based and ground-based observations and from data generated computationally in targeted high-resolution simulations, for example, of clouds or ocean turbulence.  It will run on the world’s fastest supercomputers, be scalable to ever finer resolution globally, and provide detailed local climate information.  This will allow the team to produce accurate and actionable climate predictions.  These predictions will inform stakeholders as they plan resilient infrastructure, adapt supply chains to a changing climate, and assess the risks of climate-related hazards in their communities.