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Improving lives by expanding opportunity


While talent is equally distributed throughout America, opportunity is not. Tech innovation on the coasts may be booming, but outstanding ideas elsewhere often go unheard and undeveloped. Skilled workers in major cities are thriving, but non-college educated workers elsewhere are being left behind. Our work in shared prosperity aims to increase America’s capacity to adjust to these tectonic shifts – in labor markets, in policy development, and in investment pathways. Prosperity, and competitiveness, will depend on our ability to both stabilize and expand the middle class.



Increasing our collective ambition in driving the breadth, depth, and pace of innovation across the country


Inspiring further investment in R&D from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors


Creating effective partnerships between those with great ideas and the engineers, computer scientists, policymakers, investors, and others that are turning ideas into action

Featured Programs

Alliance for the American Dream

Providing access to capital and access to market for new ideas to advance shared prosperity in communities across America.  Learn more

Data for the American Dream

Schmidt Futures’ Data for the American Dream initiative supports open data pilots that provide better labor market information to empower adult incumbent workers, especially those disrupted by globalization and technology. Our goal is to catalyze the development of a public-private education and workforce data infrastructure through bottom-up innovation and implementation at the local level based on a set of national principles and data standards.

MIT Workforce Initiative

Schmidt Futures has partnered with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Office of Open Learning to explore new ways to provide educational content and delivery systems for workforce training and upskilling for low-skilled workers at scale by leveraging universities, community colleges, and industry.

CS + National Service

Schmidt Futures has teamed up with Service Year Alliance to explore how we can provide new pathways to the middle class by combining national service with computer science education. The initiative is based on our shared belief in a new social contract for America designed for the 21st century, with the clear commitment that if you invest in your country, your country will invest in you.

  • Alliance for the American Dream

  • Data for the American Dream

  • MIT Workforce Initiative

  • CS + National Service