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Schmidt Futures is now accepting applications from graduating seniors or recent college graduates for our fall 2020 cohort of Associate Product Managers (APMs). APMs are an entrepreneurial group of technologists who are motivated to change the world. The program brings together talented young leaders with technical training in computer science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, fields that are central to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

The Schmidt Futures APM program is modeled after a program first developed at Google as a way to give new computer science graduates unusual freedom and leeway in creating high impact projects. Google APMs have gone on to senior executive roles at Google and leadership positions at numerous other companies.

Examples of the types of challenges on which the APMs will work are:

  • Healthcare Effectiveness. Apply advances in algorithmic medicine to large-scale repositories of genomic and clinical data to substantially improve healthcare outcomes in the US.
  • Social Service Delivery. Use AI, data collectives, and user-centered design to strengthen the social safety net at a time when the U.S. economy is growing more volatile for many people.
  • Education. Inject modern AI techniques into educational software to create programs as effective as a personal tutor to close the learning gap between rich and poor.
  • Climate and Environmental Monitoring. Harness advanced computing and new classes of sensor data to more accurately predict hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and climate impacts to substantially increase global resiliency.
  • Carbon Footprint. Deploy machine learning that predicts wind and solar power on hourly/daily basis along with new means of grid-scale energy storage to double the capacity of the electric grid to use intermittent sources of energy.

APMs will receive personalized leadership training, deepen their technical skills, participate in APM class trips around the world, regularly meet in small groups with CEOs and world leaders, and be mentored by a network of distinguished figures in technology, including Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google and Executive Chairman of Alphabet.

APMs can emerge from the program ready to manage technical teams, start businesses, take on leadership positions in companies and other organizations, and become social and policy entrepreneurs.

The APM program entails a two-year, full-time commitment, during which APMs will be based in New York, with travel to Silicon Valley and other geographies as needed.

Interested in learning more from the team? Please check out our latest webinar here

Responsibilities of the APM include:

  • Lead a core project or core project workstream that leverages data science and machine learning to make traction on a major societal challenge.
  • Discover the most interesting and potentially impactful scientific, academic, and industrial work related to your project. Through this research, become one of the world’s leading experts on the “state of the art” of that challenge and work being done to address it.
  • Establish and monitor metrics to track progress against the challenge.
  • Work with other Schmidt Futures team members to identify and advance other projects and people where Schmidt Futures can have a transformational impact using advanced computing techniques like AI and machine learning.
  • Help form partnerships and coalitions and oversee the development of platforms and tools by third parties.