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APM Spotlights

Anjali Fernandes

Anjali graduated from Harvard College, where she studied computer science and government. She has worked at Microsoft, IDEO CoLab, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Most recently, she served as a founding fellow at Tech4Germany, where she worked on modernizing government digital services.

“The Schmidt Futures APM program provides me a unique opportunity to work on socially impactful projects. I’m able to apply my technical skills to address complex issues like education inequality and cognitive development, with the support and mentorship of an incredibly talented team. I have an unprecedented amount of freedom to explore, grow, and lead — it’s an experience that I’d never find at any other organization.”

Darren Hau

Darren graduated from Stanford University as a Terman Scholar in electrical engineering. He co-founded Dragonfly Systems, which was acquired by SunPower. More recently, he led aspects of V3 Supercharger design and deployment at Tesla, and is a technical advisor for the national security consultancy BMNT.

“As technologists grow increasingly aware of their products’ impact on society, Schmidt Futures is forging new pathways to apply cutting-edge ML and AI techniques to accelerate socially-responsible projects. Putting thoughtful, mission-driven teams in contact with these challenges has the potential to transform the way we define progress by re-aligning social and financial incentives. I look forward to working with the incredible team here, as well as our partners, to make our food and energy systems both environmentally and financially sustainable.”

Kara Holinski

Kara graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she majored in chemical engineering with a concentration in computer science. She has worked at Myovant Sciences (a women’s health and pharmaceutical startup), 3M, and Shell Technology Centre Bangalore.

“Schmidt Futures provides APMs the opportunity to work on and lead high-impact projects focused to address some of the most pressing issues facing humanity. In the role, I am excited to develop a wide variety of skills that will be versatile as I continue on in what will most likely be a non-linear career path, and to work not only on impactful and interesting projects, but also with incredibly passionate, mission-oriented and curious people.”