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Program Details

The Schmidt EIR Program aims to select 5-10 exceptional individuals each year from around the world, with diverse personal, educational, and professional backgrounds. We expect that the EIRs will be within 1-2 years of obtaining an advanced degree or have at least 3-5 years of professional experience.  In addition, we expect about half the class will have technical backgrounds such as engineering and computer sciences; the other half will have professional backgrounds in law, business or medicine, or degrees in other sciences, policy, or the humanities.

Key Components of the Program 

  • Two years in residence, working as part of the investment team to design a strategy for philanthropic impact, to evaluate opportunities to invest for public benefit (whether by gift, grant, or direct investment), and to develop a new idea
  • One year of potential additional support, no longer in residence, to launch a new effort
  • Opportunity to pitch Schmidt Futures for support for their next endeavor
  • Direct training in building a network, designing for scale, securing the best technical solutions, recruiting top talent, and creating new approaches for public benefit

What the EIRs will do

  • Develop and/or refine their vision to change systems and improve lives
  • Build the talent platforms and networks that will make that vision possible, including constructing a strategy for selecting and funding talent
  • Identify and capture opportunities to build coalitions and raise capital to ensure the sustainability of their vision
  • Monitor success, pivot and refine as needed, and codify lessons for the Schmidt Futures team and our partners
  • Mentor other team members, continuously learn, build a culture of collective impact and pride, and help build the Schmidt Futures searchlight for future rising founders.

What Schmidt Futures will do for the EIRs

  • Provide mentorship and on-the-job training, including how to identify and motivate outstanding talent; raise and invest risk capital; design and execute products and platforms; leverage advanced computing technologies; and manage complex efforts
  • Offer structured and personalized learning opportunities in partnership with leading institutions to gain foundational science, technology and innovation skills
  • Opportunity to invest capital into new ideas and talent as a part of Schmidt Futures’ philanthropic investment team
  • Platform to build a personalized, scalable network that will persist throughout career
  • Seed funding for a personal venture and/or tailored career guidance and placement