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How to Apply

Application Instructions

We are open to applications from any interested individuals who believe they are a good fit for one of the programs.  The application will consist of basic information, written essays, a project-based component, and interviews with the Schmidt Futures team. Candidates will be selected based on a combination of outstanding personal qualities, passion for a specific field or issue, and concrete proposals for what they would do to effect change at scale. The Schmidt Futures team will review all applications, and then make a determination of which talent program would be the best fit for each person.

We are looking for exceptional candidates with diverse backgrounds that span every continent, demographic, field or academic discipline, area of interest, and philosophy of impact. The most important criteria in our selection will be whether this person has the capability to build something that could change the world at scale. As evidence of this capability, we will look for the following qualities during our selection:

  • Unique insight into how to advance a particular field, discipline, or sector
  • Curiosity about the world
  • Persistence and stubbornness in the face of challenges
  • Deep expertise in at least one issue or problem
  • Exceptional charisma and capacity to build exceptional networks and coalitions
  • Passion and energy for new ideas
  • Analytical and deeply thoughtful about metrics, both at the project and individual metric level
  • Outstanding courage and a sense of urgency to act in the world

During the selection process, applicants will be required to provide:

  1. Basic information
  2. Resume
  3. Academic experience
  4. Three short answer essays
  5. A project proposal for a new idea or effort for public benefit
The applications for our 2020 talent programs are now open.