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Ben Fohner

Director of Product Management

Ben Fohner is the Director of Product Management at Schmidt Futures, responsible for building and leading the product team.

Ben spent 11 years in product management and marketing roles at Google, most recently with the Google Pay team in Singapore and Shanghai. He helped to start Google’s ‘next billion users’ (NBU) organization, designing products for the growing number of people using the internet for the first time. The NBU team he led in Sydney, Australia built Neighbourly, a local information app for India that successfully failed, but led to new features for Maps and Search. Earlier, he worked on Android and Chrome OS, launching the first Pixel-branded hardware and the Chromebooks for Education business. Ben started out as an associate product marketing manager (APMM) on the global small business marketing team.

Ben studied at Stanford University and the Monash Business School in Melbourne, Australia, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. While studying, he did internships with Innovation Capital and the U.S. Department of State in the Office of Science and Technology Cooperation.

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