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Gal Treger

Director, Economics and Policy

Gal Treger is a Director of Economics and Policy at Schmidt Futures, where he reviews economic research, financial partnerships and policy proposals, and outlines the potential socioeconomic implications for initiatives. He also leads collaborations with financial institutions and the development of innovative financial models for investments.

Prior to Schmidt Futures, Gal served in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office as an economic advisor in the National Economic Council. In this role, he devised the Strategic Economic Assessment of the Israeli Economy, drafted financial market regulation, developed programs aiming to stimulate technological innovation, and formulated frameworks for human capital development.

In addition, Gal worked in a number of investment roles and as a research fellow at the Hebrew University. He also served in an elite Special Forces unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Gal holds a B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an M.P.P. from Oxford University.