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Jonathan Lipman

Associate Product Manager

Jonathan Lipman is an Associate Product Manager at Schmidt Futures. His interests include the intersection of technology, ethics and public policy.

He has worked on the ethics team of a big tech company, tried to understand the long-term trends in the world as an analyst at two large hedge funds, and served in the government as a part of the US Digital Service. He also was a research assistant for three Stanford professors who developed a new class and subsequent book on ethics, public policy and technology. During his time as a student, Jonthan co-led the permanent approval and introduction of a Democracy Day at Stanford as well as serving on the Faculty Senate, Board of Trustees, and in undergraduate student
government elected offices. His most proud accomplishment is once being voted the kindest person in his entire class year.

Before moving to NYC, Jonathan studied Computer Science and Philosophy
at Stanford University and completed an honor’s thesis with the McCoy Center for Ethics in Society.