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Kristina McRobinson-Summers

Recruiting Coordinator

Kristina McRobinson-Summers is the Recruiting Coordinator at Schmidt Futures. In this role, she manages the recruiting team’s end-to-end interview scheduling process and ensures a great candidate experience during the hiring process.

Prior to Schmidt Futures, Kristina worked in Human Resources in the entertainment industry at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City, California. In this role, she supported 5 executives, assisted in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, owned onboarding and offboarding tasks, and fielded customer support questions from other executives under each SPE label (Sony Animation, Columbia Pictures, etc.). Before this, she also worked at Amazon leading and organizing Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, handling the site recruitment and assisting in career development skills.

Kristina holds a B.A from Rutgers University, New Brunswick in Information Technology and Informatics with a minor in Criminology.