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Will Kenney


Will Kenney is an Analyst at Schmidt Futures working on the organization’s entrepreneurship programs and for-profit venture investments.

Previously, Will interned at Octave Bioscience where he worked on a mobile product for individuals with multiple sclerosis and their neurologists. He joined Octave through the Mayfield Fellows Program, a work-study program in Stanford’s School of Engineering focused on developing leaders in entrepreneurship and venture capital. He also previously interned at Strategy&, a global strategy consulting firm, where he specialized in health industries and technology strategy, and the U.S. Senate. He taught introductory computer science and was a class president at Stanford.

Will holds a B.S. in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University, where he is also currently pursuing a M.S. in Computer Science. He was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota.