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Reimagine Podcast

Our Mission

It’s time to reimagine our world from the ground up.

On this podcast, we’ll engage people who have transformational vision. Leaders in business, government, science, and technology who want to remake our healthcare systems, build pandemic-proof buildings, end poverty, and create a new community of nations. Leaders who see inspiring opportunity in the midst of this global tragedy.We’ll make sense of how we got here and what’s really at stake if we don’t change. More importantly, we’ll reimagine what life can look like moving forward.


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Episodes Reimagining The Future Post COVID-19

Reimagine Challenge 2020

The pandemic has transformed our world, shining a light on societal issues and systems that hold back progress locally and globally. But this moment also presents us with the opportunity to do more than just recover; rather, we have the chance to reimagine the future.

Schmidt Futures is putting out a call to the world’s college and university students to participate in the Reimagine Challenge 2020. The winners will join a growing global network of emerging talent committed to serving their communities.