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Schmidt Futures Announces International Strategy Forum Class of 2021

Schmidt Futures today announced the International Strategy Forum’s Class of 2021. The 28 fellows span the public and private sectors, working across technology, business, policymaking, national security, law, academia, and philanthropy.

Meet the 28 fellows and read more about the fellowship here.

An unfolding era of accelerating innovation presents new hybrid problems that cut across disciplines. Emerging technologies are also disrupting the world order, challenging traditional frameworks for how we address issues ranging from techno-competition to rising nationalism to climate change. Confronting these challenges will require a more collaborative and imaginative generation of leaders across the public and private sectors—one that not only includes strategists and policy practitioners, but also technologists.

The International Strategy Forum aims to forge an interdisciplinary network of rising leaders to strengthen progress and security amid technological innovation and a changing world order. We bet early on the next generation of problem solvers with extraordinary potential in geopolitics, innovation, and public leadership.

We believe smarter, bolder solutions require us to look beyond conventional methods, short-term mindsets, and institutional priorities. The ideal approach combines an engineer’s systems-thinking, a strategist’s foresight, and an entrepreneur’s willingness to take risks.

Therefore, we seek out non-traditional talent across boardrooms, newsrooms, laboratories, policy-making councils, foundations, and beyond. We then knit that talent together into a lifelong community, pairing fellows with mentors and providing them with a framework to better analyze and tackle the world’s hardest strategic problems over the coming decades.

Learn more here.